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Amity Hair"s goal is to become the BEST SALON for YOU !

Amity Hair  History


1988   After graduating Beauty School, begin working in a full service salon 

                 in Osaka city,JAPAN as a stylist

                Begin working as Special Instructor at a Beauty School in Osaka city.


1989    1st place National Hair Fashion Beauty contest.

1991     Lecture on Hair Designs for a vocational school in Kobe city,JAPAN.

1992    2nd place in comprehensive category for National CAT tournament

                in JAPAN.

                While working at Paris rue de OPERA salon in Paris studied the hair 

                styling techniques of Belgium,Netherlands,England,Italy and


1994    Return to JAPAN.

                In charge of hair for Ms.Universe JAPAN.

1995   Hair Design Chief for Paris Collection JAPAN TOUR.

               Hair Design Chief for Milano Collection JAPAN TOUR.    

               Featured on Hair show at Belgium's Brussels.

1996   Featured on Hair show at World Congress for Hair at Osaka Castle hall.

1998   Open B.C.B.G. hair salon [at Nishinomiya-city,JAPAN]

                Featured on Hair show at Osaka MID Theater-Hall.

1999   Begin contract with Shiseido Company as Outside Instructor.

               Duties include: advise on product development for hair products,

               technique developments as well as instructing. 

               Technical Leader for JHCA[Japan Hair Color Association].

               Invited to Tokyo Westin Hotel for JHCA Hair color stage.

               Judge for product company sponsored Hair contest.

2000   JHCA Hyogo prefecture,JAPAN competition event producer.

                    Featured on Hair show at Yokohama Pacifico for hair color.

2002   Hyogo Prefecture Director for JHCA.

                  Begin contract with Lebel Cosmetics Company as Outside Instructor.

2003   Begin contract with Milbon Company as Outside Instructor.

2004   Featured on Hair show at Tokyo TFT Hall in Odaiba.

2005   Hold product company sponsored Design Seminars in JAPAN.

                                                               [ over 150 seminars during the year]

2007   Open exlien hair salon. [at Kobe.JAPAN]

2009   Become first Japanese person to open a hair salon in Dibai,UAE.

                  Hold design seminars in three cities in TAIWAN.

2010   Launched own salon in exlien.

2012     Launched own salon in Dubai.

                 Going to USA.

2014     Open Amity Hair salon. [at Los Angels CA]



Do you remenber?

The day that you cried on the way home

from Salon because your bangs became

too short.

Do you remenber the time when you first

did your hair coloring and felt extremely


Do you remenber the feeling of excitement when you found the greatness in yourself?








We know the infinite possibility that Hair Designing has...........


Just by adding a little more effort,

just by adding little more emotions,

we know that anyone can shine and

feel very happy.


We are aware that each and one of us have

different body and hair type,and

we understand each and one of those types,

and carefylly strusture those into

a masterpiece.And,We believe that there

is a marvelous smile waiting ahead of us.

We stay loyal with everyone's "Hair" and put

our 100% effort in our work.



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