Criteria best hair-coloring design for you・・・

・Must meet the original qualities of skin color or

     eye color


・It must meet your desired color or brightness


・Must not damage the lust and texture of your hair


・Color that can last long


・Must be fine and natural color


・Must be exciting・・・


In order to do so, counseling is very important.

We must understand your skin color and desired

form and determine if your request match with out

cutting or perm.


We will surely offer some helpful tips for hair coloring

at home and do our best on your follow up



Do not give up your desired hair color,

just because it's for dyeing your gray hair. 


Just by adding a little color in your hair,

your appearance will change drastically.


We are wishing for you to enjoy our hair coloring

under the shining sunshine in LA.

◇About Coloring

Dyeing gray hair , Increase the brightness , treat hair damage

from the sun light ,Going through something new・・・


There are various reasons for hair coloring, but most important

thing is maintaining your health.


In oeder to do so, you must first understand the pros and

cons of the chemicals used at hair treatment.

We must know the skills and knowledge of ways to

maximizing the effect of chemicals for hair treatment.

In addition,sunlight in Los Angeles is very strong and the

climate is dry, so the coloring is sensitive and it fades 

over time.

To prevent this,some recommend special shampoo and

conditioners,but is actually damages your hair and introduces

dandruffs and itchiness.


We offer skin tone analysis and suggestions for hair coloring

depended upon your hair condition.


Most importantly,we want our customers to enjoy coloring !


For this,we suggest hair coloring that's lasting.


There is no such hair coloring design that function just by

coating and washing it off,so please experience the hair

coloring that is done by our professionals.