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I encountered many different types of hairs in my early days as a cosmetician, and many of them were very difficult to handle for me.


Things just didn't turn out how I want it, and struggled

almost every single day.


Hair don't patiently listen to our orders, and things will turn out the opposite way if we forcefully style of form the structure.


We believe that our duty as a cosmetician is to fully understand your request and lead towards your desired hairstyle.


Unnecessary performances or techniques just used to brag are no need in our salon.


We construct the hairstyle by looking at the mirror and looking at your hair from different angles.


We find the good and bad parts of your hair and find the

perfect form.


◇How to fully utilize your hair

We don't need such techniques that strongly

emphasize stylist's individuality.


In other words, stylist's weak and strengthens

is expressed.


We hope you to enjoy each one of out stylist's

different strengths and approaches towards

hair styling.


In Amity Hair, to utilize the material of hair is

our motto.


Like previously mentioned, all of us have different

hair qualities, and we will fully utilize those

different hair qualities to figure out the best

hairstyle that fits perfectly for you.


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions,

we are all professional in this field.


We are working hard everyday to answer all of

your requests !!



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