We believe that the price that we charge is the price for the design that we offer.

Since this is the case,there will be no difference in charge for the haie lengths or substances,which we'll be using for

our process.(The only time when a price change occur is when we offer service by parts by parts

or different sections,or when there are changes in design in middle of the service)

Also,we apply the medical substanves for hair protection or control only onto appropriate and

necessary sections.We will explain the details about the menu and price system during the counseling

session,so we wish you to enjoy our design after all of your understanding.


          Cut / (Shampoo & Blow)

Women                                $75

Men                                     $60

Permanent/(Cut&Blow&Pre Treatment)

Women                          $120 〜 $150
Men                               $100 〜 $130

Super Straight/
(Cut & Blow&Pre Treatment)

Women                          $190 〜 $250
Men                               $140 〜 $200

Color/(Shampoo&Pre Treatment)

Single                               $40 〜 $60

Gradation                         $60 〜 $80

Highlight                           $70 〜 $150

Foil & Base Color             $120〜$200

Toner                                 $30

Hair Manicure                    $40 〜$60

Balayage                          $200

Ombre                              $200


  $25 〜 $70


Head Spa [ Include S&B ]

Quick Spa                               $45【about 40min】

Basic Spa                                $70【about 1H】

Deep Spa  [Include Hair Treatment]       $100【about 1H30】  

Blow                       $20
Set                           $30

Up-Do                 $80