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Borderless Beauty

Japan Salon B.C.B.G.
Japan Salon exlien

The sense of beauty, value, or sensitivity differs from people

because of their culture, custom, and environment.

It doesn't mean what's good or bad, but there are great amount

of "things"that are considered beautiful in the world. 

Ever cosmetician in Japan starts off their career by working as an assistant.

Although they are always busy

cleaning and shampooing customers,

they dedicate their limited time to

observe the senior cosmetician's

techniques and practice over and over

to make it their own technique.

They practice until late at night,

even after store closes.

They also attend seminars to study or

go out to the city to find heartbroken

because of getting ignored or


On top of that, they focus on their

postures, how they talk, and how they


We always keep in mind the ways to

gain trust from customers.


there are still tons of things to learn

for us.


In contrast, cosmetician in America

first starts their career as a stylist.

They already gain their practical experiences 

as a profession,

immediately after they earned their license.

They learn the "Alive Technique" by actually 

making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.

It's very important for them to reflect back at

their mistakes and improve those mistakes.

In this sense, cosmeticians in America might

hold the mentality and responsibility as

a professional, from early stage of their


In order for us to interact with customers with

different races and identities, we provide an

environment with flexible thoughts minds,

and without any perceived ideas.

And everyone is rational.

They avoid risks and care only about the results, not the procedures.

There are different types of cultures and

histories all around the world,

and there are also different kinds of

aesthetic beauty and values.

One similarity among those diverse

environments is the desire as being human

"everyone wishes to stay 

beautifully, healthy, and shine"

Us, Humans, create techniques

and knowledge.

We express our sensitivity and desire on

our own.

Creating good designs and comfortable spaces are depended on us,"Human"

The way of Salon that we,

Amity Hair, pursue is in..........

"The space and environment that

creates attractive human beings."




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