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The medicines for Perm have been rapidly developed over the recent

years. However, we view this a point of view that, there are many cases where hair can't be controlled only by cosmetologist's knowledge and techniques, more over, ideas up until today. There are more and more stresses applied onto our hair when we enlarge the variations of our hair designs, for the purpose to pursue beauty.

For example, by severely using strong medical substances, proteins inside of the hair may be destroyed and lower the fluid or hair

density, which these cases will weaken the effect of your perm treatment and lose elasticity. 

Also, because of inadequate techniques or wrong selection in

medical substances, your cuticle will be destroyed and end up losing all of the flexibility in your hair.

Essentially, applying and maintaining a desirable perm to

your hair will be extremely difficult at this point.

"After doing perm, my hair is disheveled when I woke up in the morning, and it's difficult to handle this "My hair is damaged and it just become unruly expanded" These are the words

that I hear from those customers that dislikes perm treatment.

If you can expand your hair design without damaging your hair at all・・・・・・

Treatment perm?  Water perm?  Mist perm?  Organic perm?  

Clinic perm?

Different kinds of perm have popped in your mind, but disappeared once again.

We are very sure that many of you have experienced the "undamageing perm"

But the question is, what were the results?

In order to bend, extends, or "change" your hair, there must been some kind of chemical substances used.

We can confidently declare this following statement because we always check various types of medical substances and have been part of medical substance development!

According to the chemistry today,

"perm substance that is undamaging do not exist!"

Of course, there are possible ways to deceive by utilizing and pasting humidity maintenance medicine, softener medicine, texturing medicine.

But to tell the truth, these are just "temporarily" matters.


So then we think about it. You might rather spend your pleasant time at home instead of monthly visit at the salon.

Therefore, we don"t offer any "temporality" services.

The important thing is that we should not acquire the technique and

knowledge to deceive your but instead, we should discover how to create a hair design that doesn't damage your hair.

Hair testing is must, but also the classification in use of medical substances that is appropriate for your hair,

time management, and humidity control・・・・・

and finally your own perm philosophy.

We offer the know-how that is practical, based on experience at

actual salon, not the knowledge that is listed in textbooks. This is the reason why the medical substance that we use differs by your hair condition and desired hair design.

We classify the uses by fusing the balance between reduction medicine, alkaline density, and PH scale and hair condition.

We believe that key to obtain the hair design without losing elasticity,

destroying texture, and lasting design is not use unnecessary substance onto unnecessary spots.

So・・・・・although you wish to do perm, we may have

to refuse due to your hair condition.

We will carefully observe and explain what we can or cannot do and let's create the best design together !!


◇ About Permanent Wave

2011-09 020.jpg

The reason why perm damages your hair・・・・・


・Due to mistake in medical substance selection,

     your hair cannot bear the unnecessary power from that


・Stresses will increase onto your hair because of        

     inappropriate time management, techniques and controlling.

・Appropriate medical management cannot take place and 

     there will be remaining alkaline and waste.

・Because of inadequate oxidation, the unions of inner hair

     become unstable, which leads to wave down or worsening

     the textuure.



These are all occurred because of

"cosmetician's careless mistakes and inadequate

ability" It is definitely not  "Medicine's price"

Good medicine can always become dangerous

drug. We offer the most suitable service by carefully

examining the most suitable medicines for you.






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