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Amity Hair's Promise

When ever there is a problem or difficulty in procedure due to your hair condition or when ever the design that we produce do not harmonize with your imagination, we will do our best to explain about the situation as detailed and thorough as possible.

We surely promise that we will be fully honest and loyal with each one of our customers.

But let us ask you for just one favor.

When you are satisfied with the design that we produce, please show us your brightest smile!

There will be no difference in charge for hair lengths
or substances, which we'll be using for our process.


In Amity Hair, we believe that the price we charge is for the

design and service we offer for our customer.

Our professionals will carefully choose the substances and

techniques that are appropriate for each hair quality and design.

In order for us to offer the best form of service, we omit the price

system regarding the difference in hair lengths or conditions.

Complete warranty system


In Amity Hair, every staff members are working hard everyday to offer the smile and happiness through beauty for our customers.

If we cannot receive your smile, then our hard work will become pointless.

When you are unsatisfied with our design or style,

we will redo the process or offer a detailed advice for hair

maintenance.If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask any of our staff members.

The medical substances that has been
selectively chosen


In accordance with the knowledge and experience acquired by being in part of medicine development

research study,

we provide you the most suitable, appropriate, and healthy hair medicine.

We tested the medicine repeatedly to provide wide

range of medicines, from the ones that deals with various hair types to the ones that have nearly zero imposition.

We selectively choose and offer the hair medicines that give least pressure on scalps and hair as possible.

We carefully study and understand about the medical substance and determine the best use of those medical substances for appropriate hair qualities and designs. Also, we are able to obtain the most updated

information from the salons in Japan, and we continue offering the best designs by using the best know-how of medical substances.

Thorough Counseling


Great hair designs are produced because it fits perfectly with him or her.In order to produce these great designs, it is very significant to know your characteristics, such as physical shapes, observation by parts, or hair conditions.

We also believe that we need to understand mutually about the desired image or design.

If we are unable to create your desired design, due to the hair condition or head shape, then we will notify you with honest, and work our way out from different perspective.

We absolutely want to avoid the situation where you feel depressed everyday because you cannot take care of your hair on your own.

Please understand that although we will do our best, there may be a possibility where we have to stop the service if we can't share your image about the design with each other.We will never lie against the hair !

Bang Cut Free Service


The section that is most concerned when creating the design is the bangs.

Since we wish you to feel comfortable and pleasant as much

as possible,Amity Hair offers you Bang Cut with FREE of


Please take your valuable time and contact us before you

feel regretful by cutting the bangs on your own.

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